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brochure Northern Area - Brochure and Map

Brochure and Map of Northern Area state parks in Alaska. Published by Alaska State Parks.

Welcome to History View of men riding in Model T Ford with banner, Valdez-Fairbanks Trail, Valdez, Alaska. Northern Area AMRC-b62-1-a-83, Crary-Henderson Collection The Northern Area is steeped in history important to the development of Interior Alaska. For thousands of years, this region was home to Tanana Athabascans. When Europeans arrived, most contact with Alaska Natives was tied to trading posts and government explorations. Big Delta began as a trading post and, for the next 100 years, served as a transportation and communication hub for weary travelers, prospectors, traders, and military personnel. For More Fo re Info Information format fo ation 1RUW 1 UWKH KHUQ UQ Q $UH UHD D 2I 2IÀFFH 3700 37 00 Air irpo porrt Way Fair Fa i ba ir ank nks, s AK 99709 9 (90 07) 451 51-2695 51 Alaska State Parks Fairbanks, Delta Junction, and Tok Vicinity www. alas aska kasttat a epar arks k .o org www ww alas aska kast stat atettra ailils. s.or org g What would the region’s history be without tall tales of VWUHDPVÀOOHGZLWKJROG"3URVSHFWRUVUXVKHGLQWR$ODVND after news spread of the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897. 'XHWRWKLVLQÁX[RISHRSOHWKH860LOLWDU\VWDUWHG construction of the Valdez-Eagle Trail in 1899. In 1902, Felix Pedro’s gold strike, caused a stampede to the Fairbanks and Chena areas. Welcome With over 400 square miles of land dedicated to outdoor recreation and natural and cultural history, Northern Area Alaska State Parks provide plenty of room to play and learn. During long summer days, head outside to ÁRDWULYHUVDQGVWUHDPVFRRORIILQRQHRI the many lakes, go camping with family and friends, hike through forests and over hills, or take in some of Alaska’s history at Big Delta State Historical Park featuring Rika’s Roadhouse. Don’t even think about following the bear’s example and sleeping through winter! The parks in this area beckon visitors to enjoy the snow and invigorating cold air. Try your KDQGDWLFHÀVKLQJVNLRQJURRPHGWUDLOV snowmachine on fresh powder, go skijoring with your pooch, or enjoy the dazzling winter scenes as you hike along in snowshoes. Today, when you drive through the Northern Area, you are more than likely following historic routes. The Richardson Highway is Alaska’s oldest highway, designed to link the coast and the rich resources of the interior. The Alaska Highway is the result of an incredible effort during World War II when over 1,600 miles of pioneer road were built during one short construction season. Northern Highlights With 16 state parks spanning from Fairbanks to Tok, the Northern Area is ideal for a summer road trip. It also offers great platforms for launching into winter fun—the sky is the limit! ll g Lake Hardin Robert Ange by Photo Each park has something different to offer outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year. Summer in this inland region is very warm and perfect for water-based activities as nearly every park is located near a water body. Stiles C reek Tr ail Photo courtesy s in Chena Riv er SRA of Lona Boyars ky Fall brings with it opportunities to hunt for moose, bear, and other animals; loads of sweet, juicy berries for the picking also draw people outdoors. Winter settles in with a blanket of snow inviting skiers, sledders, dog mushers, and snowmachiners to enjoy the northern lights. Spring ÁRZVLQZLWKEUHDNXSQHZEXGVDQG Angel Creek Valley Photo courtesy of Brooks Ludwig leaves, and thousands of migratory birds, beckoning hibernating people to get out and stretch their legs. Moose calf Photo by Robert Angell A Division of the Department of Natural Resources IA L PRO DUCT FI Compeau Trail WŚŽƚŽĐŽƵƌƚĞƐLJŽĨ:ƵƐƟŶtŚŽůĞLJ OF Rika’s Roadhouse, as seen from the riverbank Photo courtesy of the Harold Washburn Collection C Harding Lake Photo by Robert Angell AL A Female mallard and ducklings Photo by Robert Angell OF SKA S™ ARK TE P STA 0— — E S T. 1 9 7 Alaska State Parks Public-Use Cabins Wildlife Wildlife of all shapes and sizes can be found throughout these parks, from water-loving mink to forest-dwelling lynx, and from bugle-sounding sandhill crane to willow-munching moose. Please remember that wildlife is wild no matter how docile they may seem, so appreciate them from a distance. Keep your cameras and binoculars handy—you never know what you will see! Pleasant Patches Delta-Clearwater River Photo courtesy of Justin Wholey River Floating Sandhill Crane Photo by Robert Angell 0RVWSDUNVLQWKH1RUWKHUQ$UHDDUHÀUVWUDWH boating destinations. Many are also prime locations IRUULYHUÁRDWLQJDGYHQWXUHV:KHQÁRDWLQJZDWFK for obstacles and avoid them well in advance to prevent disaster. Wear a life jacket—it can be the difference between life and death if your boat capsizes or you fall overboard. Interior Alaska is famous for its wild berries—you just have to know where and when to look. Blueberries, raspberries, crowberries, bearberries, low-bush cranberries, and black and red currants all start to ripen around the end of July. Alaskans can be very secretive about their favorite berry patches, so scope out ÀHOGVDQGVORSHVJUDEDEXFNHWDQGJR explore—you might hit the berry bonanza! Fishing and Hunting 0DQ\SDUNVLQWKH1RUWKHUQ$UHDRIIHUÀVKLQJ opportunities. Fishers can catch king, chum, and silver salmon, Arctic grayling, rainbow and lake WURXWQRUWKHUQSLNHEXUERW$UFWLFFKDUVKHHÀVKDQG YDULRXVZKLWHÀVK+XQWLQJLVDOVRSRSXODULQVRPHRI WKHVHSDUNV%HVXUHWRFKHFNWKHÀVKLQJDQGKXQWLQJ regulations beforehand at Hunt Memorial public-use cabin In the Northern Area parks, there are 13 public-use cabins each with basic furnishings such as sleeping platforms, a wood stove, kitchen counter, shelves, table and benches, and an outdoor latrine. You may have WRSDFNLQ\RXURZQÀUHZRRGDQGGULQNLQJZDWHURU water-purifying system. The Birch Lake, Salcha River, and Quartz Lake cabins double as volunteer housing in summer. Cabins have a fee and reservations are required. Visit Lower Angel Creek public-use cabin Photo courtesy of Niki Potter Colorado Creek public-use cabin Glatfelder public-use cabin Photo courtesy of Justin Wholey Nugget Creek public-use cabin Brooks Ludwig Photo courtesy courttesy of Broo Fielding Lake public-use cabin Photo courtesy of Bill Evans Upper Upp pp per Angel g Creek C public-use cabin Photo courtesy of Megan Piersma &KHQD5LYHUFDWFKDQGUHOHDVHÁ\ÀVKLQJ Photo courtesy of Justin Wholey Granite Tors Photo courtesy of Justin Wholey Chena River SRA Photo courtesy of John Lysen Moose Photo courtesy of Bill Evans Spruce Grouse Photo courtesy of Lona Boyarsky Background photo courtesy of Chris Degernes Photos not credited are courtesy of Alaska State Parks employees Chena River public-use cabin UPPER NIKA A CHATANIKA SRA Legend Quartz Lake SRA n to H ig h H i g hway y wa e ese LOWER WE ER CHATANIKA SRA St C hena Hot Fairbanks CHENA RIVER SRA State Parks* Drinking Water Parking Road Dump Station Picnic Shelter Lakes Fishing Picnic Table Accessible Fishing Pier Public-Use Cabin Big Delta SHP ATV Hiking Ranger Station Baseball Horseback Riding Recreational Vehicle Biking Interpretive Trail Snowmachining Camping Jet Skiing Toilet N wa y Cross-Country Skiing Delta SRS Delta SRS is a popular campground for people traveling between Fairbanks and Tok. It provides a wilderness feel while being conveniently close to Delta Junction. Ri rd cha H rks a P CHENA RIVER SRS igh Angel Rocks Trail Photo courtesy of Justin Wholey H son This is a popular camping area for highway travelers and Fairbanks residents and it is WKHODXQFKLQJVLWHIRUDQDOOGD\ÁRDWRQWKH Chatanika River. Lower Chatanika SRA SALCHA RIVER SRS 7KLVLVWKHHQGSRLQWRIWKHÁRDWWULSIURP8SSHU Chatanika SRS and is a popular destination for FDPSLQJÀVKVSHDULQJWUDGLWLRQDOÀVKLQJDQG LFHÀVKLQJ *State Recreation Site (SRS), State Recreation Area (SRA), State Historical Park (SHP) This little jewel of Alaska State Parks lies tucked next to the crystalline waters of the Delta-Clearwater River where Arctic JUD\OLQJZKLWHÀVKDQGVDOPRQDZDLW\RXU lure. This is also a lovely place to begin your ÁRDWLQJDGYHQWXUHDVWKH'HOWD&OHDUZDWHU River provides access to the Tanana and the Goodpaster rivers. Rosehip Nature Trail Photo courtesy of Lona Boyarsky HARDING LAKE SRA Area of BIRCH C LAKE SRS Chena River SRS, also known as Chena Wayside, is a 29-acre, urban, riverside park situated within Fairbanks that provides tent and RV camping and DSOD\ÀHOG Moon Lake SRS is a favorite rit ite water sport destination where visitorss e enjoy boating and water skiing or just lounging ging ng on the lake’s sandy beach. QUARTZ LAKE LA L A SRA Salcha River SRS Chena River SRA encompasses 397 square miles of forests, rivers, and alpine tundra where you can enjoy water-, land-, or snow-based activities, depending on the season. %ULQJ\RXUERDWDQGFRPHÀVKIRUNLQJVDOPRQ Arctic grayling, and northern pike. Spend the weekend camping or reserve the public-use cabin in winter for up to three consecutive nights. Campgrounds pg g Tok River SRS BIG DELTA SHP Chena River SRA Little Lost st LLak Lake at Quartz Lake SRA Photo by Robert Angell CLEAR WATER SRS DELTA SRS Delta Junction Ala sk aH &RPHHQMR\DFDPSÀUHRQWKHVDQG\EDQNVRIWKH Tok River or in your own campsite in one of our closest parks to Canada. This is also a great spot WREHJLQ\RXUÁRDWLQJDGYHQWXUH Eagle Trail SRS features the historical Valdez-Eagle Trail, the Old Slana Highway, and the Washington-Alaska Military Cable and Telegraph System (WAMCATS). This park offers a one-mile nature trail, perfect for quiet evening walks, and a 2.5-mile hiking trail with a view of the Tok River Valley. It also gives many highway travelers their ÀUVWRSSRUWXQLW\WRH[SORUHWKH$ODVND5DQJH igh wa y Harding Lake SRA has something for everyone IURPFDPSLQJDQGÀVKLQJWRSOD\LQJYROOH\EDOO DQGULGLQJMHWVNLV7KHODNHLVFORVHGWRÀVKLQJIRU northern pike. Birch Lake SRS Fees Fees are charged for the use of some developed facilities in Alaska State Parks. Fees can be paid at the time of use, or frequent visitors can save money by purchasing an annual parking pass. Annual passes are available in the parks, at the Northern Area $ODVND6WDWH3DUNV2IÀFHDQGDWWKH'15 Public Information Center, both located at 3700 Airport Way, Fairbanks. Passes can also be ordered online at Donnelly Creek SRS ay igh w H n o s d Rich ar w ay This is a scenic campground where moose, bear, porcupine, beaver, and snowshoe hare are sometimes seen. During summer, the Delta bison herd can be observed on their calving grounds across the Delta River. DONNELLY CREEK SRS i rH g Nestled between a lily pad-covered lake and forested wetlands, Birch Lake SRS offers visitors H[FHOOHQW\HDUURXQGÀVKLQJIRUUDLQERZWURXW king and silver salmon, grayling, and Arctic char. ,FHÀVKLQJKXWVDUHDYDLODEOHIRUUHQW&DPSHUV VKRXOGEULQJWKHLURZQÀUHZRRG The 16 parks p in this region g are re h home to 20 campgrounds; each has rusticc campsites ZLWKÀUHULQJVSLFQLFWDEOHVDQGQHDUE\ water and latrines. Campground hosts can DQVZHUTXHVWLRQVDQGÀUHZRRGPD\EH available near the host’s site for a small fee. All campgrounds are ADA accessible. Nearly all campgrounds in this area are near water and are ideal base camps for early morning RUODWHQLJKWÀVKLQJWULSV Eagle Trail SRS Harding Lake SRA Fielding Lake SRA TOK RIVER R SRS MOON M LAKE SRS This rustic alpine campground lies above tree line in the Alaska Range next to Fielding Lake where natural populations of Arctic grayling, burbot, and lake trout provide excellent ÀVKLQJRSSRUWXQLWLHV Tok Junction Interior of a Chena River cabin Photo by Robert Angell EAGLE TRAIL SRS Cut-O ff Quartz Lake SRA Photo by Robert Angell en Tok D ali Detail Moon Lake SRS Chena River SRS Granite Tors at Chena River SRA Water Skiing Motor Boat Launch Clearwater SRS w ay igh Upper Chatanika SRS Non-motorized Launch Quartz Lake SRA is a 600-acre park that borders two lakes and attracts large crowds of people with its varied recreational RSSRUWXQLWLHVVXFKDVFDPSLQJÀVKLQJ and boating, and winter sports including snowmachining and dog mushing. Rika’s Roadhouse is the centerpiece of Big Delta SHP, but you may also want to check out the rest of the historic homestead, telegraph, and the river and road. These resources made Big Delta crucial to the development of interior Alaska. d s Roa Spring Dog Mushing H ighwa y Quartz Lake SRA Photo by Robert Angell FIELDING LAKE SRS Rainbow at Angel Rocks to Chena Hot Springs Trail Photo courtesy of Joe Lujan Taylo Dal h

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