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brochure Kachemak Bay - Map

Map of Kachemak Bay State Park and State Wilderness Park (SP & SWP) in Alaska. Published by Alaska State Parks.

Kachemak Bay State Park KNWR And Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park a Bradley Lake Be o R d ar C ov e m ak Gla cie E n d K ac h e SAD DL F ier ac AI 3. 8 Gr TR N 2. 3 LA G OO a Po 4.0 ot Cr eek LOOP T A RAIL 2-Loon 4Lake 1. er PO OT 1.3 K Poot Peak PE NATIONAL N 0.7 2.1 AK Ba L A SO U TH T R IL y S N I A Tutka Lake cie Gla Sea Star Cove 5 2. E AK R oa d L Tutka TR A I R L o c k Upper Tutka y K A v e r R i la ci er E N I So SA Petrof Lake BAY PA S R o a d ut he rn G KACHEMAK PARK A STATE K m Di STATE Pi cn i Ba 0 ck c Ha WILDERNESS PARK Ha S d un rbo 0 r PORT O B AY Bo Cov DICK K-Bay State Wilderness Park O ne Ha Cove Kenai National Wildlife Refuge ul Kenai Fjords National Park Ba y Lake This dataset includes GPS data collected during the summer of 2009 as part of the Alaska State Parks Trail Inventory Project. This map product has been reviewed by park staff. MudFlat GU L 1.0 Palmer Trail Trail Mileage Valdez State Highway Wetland Produced by: Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Support Services, Land Records Information Section. Date Printed:December 12, 2009. Cartographers: Martin Stahl, Andre Kaeppele Location Map Legend Kachemak Bay State Park er B AY 2 Gore Point Lake ot gg D Y 1 Kilometers 4 Coordinate System: NAD83, State Plane Alaska, Zone 4 Contour Interval 200 Feet e le W IN 4 Miles r r bo R Y 2 ay T a ko m a CK 1 Anchorage Major Road Primative Road Stream Trailhead Public Cabin PR IN rt ET Po Port Dick Lake CE IA M LL WI ND SO U IN L Ar Seward CO O K Roc t BAY na y lor e KACHEMAK i To n s Ba Ta y ak ky L We s y N U K A N U AND Tutka Lake TU TK A Bay ISL 9 0. y 1.4 r T Upper Hazelle Lake O GE Ba M ier Ya l i k P e t ro f Tutka Bay Lagoon U N s Ba ac m ro Tutka-Jakolof South Grace Ridge n Gl IL A IL Ar Do Kinnikinnik Lake RA 2.1 T R TU A TK - J A KALOF T hi r Sadie Peak cie E f t Glac i er Gla nsk i G a We s ve Wo sne se RI J a ka l o tk y k RIVER Hazelle Lake 4. 5 PARK ty OT Moose Valley FJORDS VA LL E A IL PARK Grace Ridge Summit ci li 4. 7 la KENAI SE 2.1 1. 0 M o o se Valle y C reek 0.9 ts IL RA la M OO Co E AC BAY TR K G Goat Rope Summit Ya STATE Kayak Beach / Quarry 8.9 S I Sadie China Poot Lake RIVER EN k au KI Cree Be SE N S k t I S NE bu ing L WO li ew 3.6 LITIO N 4th Lake WOSNES Tu ka Nu Ridge n eh o EM L Gl Po Pla rtl te LO OP 2.2 LA KE E RALD G LA T ES L TR AIL RA SO r Grewingk Glacier Lake TRA I sage Glacie REFUGE Y Sadie Knob South Eldred D er T TH OR Pas n WILDLIFE AI ci A PE 1.1 re d xo R ID GE 1. 9 Detail PO Eld Di ck PIN E 2.5 OT LAKE T PO3 . N 1 TH 6 1. T RAIL 2.6 1.9 0.5 TR la CH I F KACHEMAK n eo Mc K OB lo 1.6 China Poot Lake KN rt L COALITIO N T R AI Chin H UT A IL GO AT S P RO P E UR 0.8 TR A IL Halibut Cove Lagoon R Po West Lagoon COA SADIE AL Saddle Co ve Haystack NO IL Ha North Eldred E L bu t K A Coalition GR RA ET TRAIL M E Rusty's Right Beach / Kachemak Crack Ha l i P LOO 0.25 G IC Kilometers 0.5 i t H C A K 0.5 Miles NATIONAL B LU T R p s sty' Ru goo n a KE 2.3 4 1. 0 1.4 KENAI Emerald Lake E TRAIL S 0.25 LA ek K r 0 R E LA Glacier Spit C IE LAK 2 0. E A GL Emerald Lake E LA K LD L TRAI O e 0.4 OP Cre U T M RA K T AIL G IN TR EW PUR .0 R 1 G S 6 2. Estuary k e P O TR AI Y AR RA E L IL m INA EM Halibut Cove Lagoon 4. 1 LO East A o CH k oc au re T R H A C O TR LO N N D AL ER O O gk TI Overlook IL VE EM LI Public Dock 1.8 RI R MALLARD / EMERALD CONNECTOR TRAIL Humpy C COA West K 1.3 TR A IL Humpy Creek ewin Halibut Cove Lagoon Bay n o Lago Cove Mallard Bay Mallard Gr Homer libut RT B Detail Map Ha Y A PO a E t 1. 0 s Campsite F OF A K S ALA Kachemak Bay State Park: (907) 235-7024. Alaska State Parks: www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks. Emergency: 911. The State of Alaska makes no expressed or implied warranties (including warranties of merchantability and fitness) with respect to the character, function, or capabilities of this product or its appropriateness for any user's purposes. In no event will the State of Alaska be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or other damages suffered by the user or any other person or entity whether from use of the product, any failure thereof or otherwise, and in no event will the State of Alaska's liability to you or anyone else exceed the fee paid for the product. Glacier Restroom Moraine Hand Tram Freshwater Source Viewpoint Homer KA E CH MA K Y BA Kachemak Bay State Park & State Wilderness Park 0 25 0 15 50 30 100 Miles Kilometers 60 r

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