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Brochure and Map of the Hillside Trails at Chugach State Park (SP) in Alaska. Published by Alaska State Parks.

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Welcome to Don’t Bail from the Trail Please stay on designated trails when exploring the Hillside Trail System. Tenacious tundra plants can survive the test of winter, but the footprints of summer visitors are more than they can endure. As the saying “grows by the inch, dies by the foot” implies, these perennial plants can take years to grow, but can be killed easily by trampling. The network of braided trails quickly degrades the park’s natural resources. Hillside Trails For More Information Chugach State Park Headquarters Potter Section House 18620 Seward Hwy Anchorage, AK 99516 (907) 345-5014 in Chugach State Park “Chugach State Park” on Facebook To decrease your impact, practice these Leave No Trace principles: • plan ahead and prepare • travel and camp on durable surfaces— stay on the trail • dispose of waste properly—pack it in, pack it out. Clean up after your pet • leave what you find • respect wildlife • be considerate to other visitors Photo courtesy of Steve Neel Alaska State Parks Hillside Trail System Welcome Just a 20-minute drive from downtown Anchorage, the Hillside Trail System is one of Chugach State Park’s most popular attractions and offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, diverse terrain, and incredible views year-round. Whether you’re hiking, biking, snowmachining, or skiing, the Hillside Trail System is a great way to access the outdoors. The Hillside Trail System consists of a variety of routes that crisscross the rugged terrain of the western Chugach foothills. Accessible from the Basher Drive, Prospect Heights, Upper O’Malley, Upper Huffman, and Glen Alps trailheads, the trail system offers yearround, multi-use recreation for experienced hikers and beginners alike. The Hillside Trail System, including the Middle Fork Loop and Powerline Trail, offers exciting wildlife viewing opportunities. Moose viewing is extremely popular during fall. Use the map inside to choose the path of your next adventure. Know Before You Go Photo courtesy of Larry Anderson Wildlife Chugach State Park is a major habitat for moose and black and brown bears. Stay alert, make noise when hiking, and yield to wildlife. To avoid attracting bears while camping, know the safe way to store and cook your food. Carry bear spray. Fires Open fires are prohibited on the hillside. Backcountry chefs should bring a portable camp stove. Giardia Sparkling mountain streams might look clean, but they could be contaminated by Giardia. Thankfully, Giardia is easy to avoid. You can purify drinking water using a pump filter, chemical treatments, or by boiling for at least two minutes. Learn Outdoor Skills Avalanches This brochure does not tell you everything you need to know about venturing into the Chugach. Get informed, take a class, or invite an experienced friend. Be prepared for the unexpected. Avalanches can occur anywhere, but gullies, steep, snow-covered slopes, and areas below steep ridges are particularly susceptible. The majority of avalanches happen shortly after heavy, sustained snowfalls. Familiarize yourself with avalanche warning signs and the techniques and gear you will need to protect yourself in the backcountry. Take an avalanche class. Headed to the backcountry? Tell a friend where you’re going, who you’re going with, and when you’ll return. Hypothermia Unprepared adventurers are especially vulnerable to hypothermia, even in the middle of summer. Alpine areas can turn cold, wet, foggy, and windy without warning. No matter how good the weather looks, bring warm, rainproof gear. Fees Fees are charged at Glen Alps, Upper Huffman, and Prospect Heights trailheads. Fees can be paid at the time of use, or frequent visitors can save money by purchasing an annual parking pass at the Chugach State Park Office (18620 Seward Hwy.) and DNR Public Information Center (550 West 7th Ave., Suite 1260), or online at l Bo w ik Ar m p Lit tle Lo o Den ali Kn le Fo rk Lo Mountain Biking Trailhead Bridge Snowmobiling Trail Skiing Chugach State Park ut rk h Fo Rim k r ce ke s La aw iw W ill Creek Kn ob Upper Huffman Trailhead Sil ve r Fe rn ock ell ml pb C y rr be w ue llo Bl Ho am He Shebanof Avenue Parking So Fo A Arm op th r lde Chugach State Park Legend dd Gasline Area of detail gain Vie w Dr ive Anchorage Mi pe ct eP ea Turn a White Spru Upper O’Malley Trailhead in k u So er ve r ork Rim Pr os ve r in e ra s s Panorama View d Al W ol F South G den Go l Prospect Heights Trailhead W ol W ol Bo veri wl ne Snowmobile Exit Ga slin e dle Mid Sultana Drive Glen Alps Trailhead Powerline Access e Ro ad lin e oop m kL lso r we Po To i For Snowmobile Entrance tle Lit ey all ak Pe O’M Blueberry Knoll Loop Flattop Highlights Flattop Mountain Trail Access: Glen Alps Trailhead Travel Means: Foot Distance: 1.7 miles one way Elevation gain: 1,300 feet • The most climbed summit in Alaska, with breathtaking views of Anchorage, the Alaska Range, and Cook Inlet • Steep in sections with some scrambling required Wolverine Peak Trail Access: Prospect Heights Trailhead Travel Means: Foot Distance: 4.7 miles one way Elevation gain: 3,500 feet • Great views overlooking the Williwaw Lakes • Berry picking in fall Middle Fork Loop Trail Little O’Malley Peak Trail Access: Glen Alps (via Powerline Trail) or Prospect Heights (via Wolverine Bowl Trail) trailheads Travel Means: Foot, ski Distance: 4.1 miles from Powerline Trail to Wolverine Bowl Trail Elevation gain: 1,000 feet Access: Glen Alps Trailhead Travel Means: Foot Distance: 4 miles one way Elevation gain: 1,200 feet • Traverses the hillside through prime moose habitat. During fall, bring your camera to capture rutting displays • Provides access to the Little O’Malley Peak Trail, Williwaw Lakes Trail, and Wolverine Bowl Trail Williwaw Lakes Trail Access: Middle Fork Loop Trail Travel Means: Foot, ski Distance: 5.9 miles one way from Glen Alps Trailhead (7.4 miles from Prospect Heights) Elevation gain: 800 feet from Glen Alps Trailhead (1,500 feet from Prospect Heights) • A great peak for less experienced hikers. Stay on the main path to minimize erosion • Berry picking in fall Snowmachine Area Access: Upper Huffman Trailhead Travel Means: Snowmachine Distance: 2.7 miles to snowmachine area • Open to snowmachine use when snow depth is adequate to protect underlying vegetation • Remain on designated routes and within designated riding areas • The trail passes the jewel-like Williwaw Lakes that dot the basin of a beautiful alpine valley • Good skiing in winter Photo courtesy of Nicole Acevedo Photo courtesy of Janice Tower of Singletrack Advocates Background photo courtesy of Aaron Ritter

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