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Guide to the Crow Pass Trail - Part of the Iditarod National Historic Trail - at Chugach State Park (SP) in Alaska. Published by Alaska State Parks.

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Guide to Crow Pass Trail Part of the Iditarod National Historic Trail Trail Description: Trail ascends from the Crow Creek Trailhead through talus fields and mine ruins on its way to Crow Pass. As it descends from Crow Pass, the trail meanders through snowfields until the Clear Creek ford (no bridge). Brush and forest characterize the trail to the Eagle River ford site below Glacier Lake. The trail then follows Eagle River through forest on its path to the Nature Center. The full length of the trail generally takes two or more days, and can be traveled in either direction. Shorter day trips from either trailhead are possible. Special Features: Trail follows historic Iditarod supply route. Mining ruins. Alpine lake near pass. Panoramic views of peaks and glaciers. Abundant wildlife. Established backcountry campsites with distances from Eagle River Nature Center: Rapids Camp (1.7 miles), Echo Bend (3 miles), Heritage Falls (5.5 miles), Icicle Creek (6 miles), Twin Falls (9 miles) Park Rules: Fires are allowed in portable camp stoves, metal fire rings provided by the park, and on Eagle River gravel bars only. Camping is only allowed at designated sites, or over ½ mile from trailheads. Camping in an undeveloped area of a state park is limited to 10 consecutive days. Visit units/chugach for a complete set of park rules. in Chugach State Park Access: Eagle River Nature Center or Crow Creek Trailhead in Girdwood Allowable Uses: Hiking Distance: 21 miles one way Elevation Gain: 2,100 ft from Crow Creek Trailhead; 3,100 ft from Eagle River Nature Center Difficulty: Easy to Difficult Safety and Considerations: Crossing Eagle River can be dangerous and river temperatures are extremely cold! Know proper river fording techniques. It is recommended that you cross at the marked ford sites (white posts). Test depth with a walking stick. Choose your time; glacial rivers swell under hot sun or heavy rains, and are usually lowest during the early morning hours. Unfasten waist and chest straps, and loosen shoulder straps. When in doubt turn back the way you came. Be prepared for emergencies, carry a satellite phone, and file a trip plan with a friend. Use water purification techniques for drinking water to avoid contracting Giardiasis (beaver fever). Chugach State Park Headquarters Mile 115, Seward Highway (907) 345 - 5014 Contact Information Chugach State Park Headquarters Mile 115, Seward Highway (907) 345 - 5014 Eagle River Nature Center Mile 12 Eagle River Road (907) 694 - 2108

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