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Guide to Caines Head Trail at Caines Head State Recreation Area (SRA) in Alaska. Published by Alaska State Parks.

Guide to Caines Head Trail in Caines Head State Recreation Area Trail Access: Lowell Point Allowable Uses: Hiking Distance: 2.1 mi one way (to Tonsina Point) 5.1 mi one way (to North Beach) 7.4 mi one way (to Fort McGilvary) Elevation Gain: 200 feet ( Lowell Point to Tonsina Point) 120 feet (Tonsina Point to North Beach) 650 feet (North Beach to Fort McGilvary) Difficulty: Moderate Park Access: Tonsina Point North Beach Caines Head State Recreation Area is accessed from Lowell Point State Recreation Site, about 2.5 miles south of downtown Seward, at the end of Lowell Point Road. Camping: Trail Description: The first portion of the Caines Head Trail, commonly referred to as the Coastal Trail, follows a mellow grade, with the exception of two steep sections, through temperate rainforest to Tonsina Point. The three mile section from here to Derby Cove follows an intertidal zone, and can only be hiked during a low tide of three feet or lower. From Derby Cove, the trail continues to North Beach and climbs steadily to historic Fort McGilvary. This section of the trail is commonly referred to as the Fort Trail. Hikers are awarded with views of the Resurrection Bay, Thumb Cove State Marine Park, and barrier islands. The trail winds through a mature spruce forest, along side of muskeg ponds filled with lily pads, and skirts the rocky bluffs as you climb to the top of Caines Head. For information about other trails in the area, please visit: trailmapguides.htm There are campsites at Tonsina Point and North Beach. Callisto Canyon and Derby Cove public-use cabins can be reserved in advance. For information about public-use cabins, please visit: Special Features: Fort McGilvary, once the strategic command center, is perched on a 650 foot rocky cliff that offers dramatic views of Resurrection Bay. Here are the firing platforms of the two six-inch guns that once sat ready to defend the Port of Seward. Safety and Considerations: The annual rainfall in Seward is more than 60 inches, so hikers should be prepared for wet, cool weather. It is important to time your trip around the tides. Leave 2 hours before low tide when travelling beyond Tonsina Point to the public-use cabins or North Beach. When hiking from North Beach to Lowell Point, one must leave 1.5 hours before low tide. Park Rules: For a complete set of park rules visit: Alaska State Parks, Kenai Area Office PO Box 1247 Soldotna, AK (907) 262 - 5581

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