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Brochure about Recreation in Alaska. Published by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

T R E A D Tread Lightly Welcome ravel and recreate with minimum impact. Welcome to the public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Alaska. The BLM manages more than 70 million acres of public land in Alaska. These lands are yours to enjoy and use for a variety of recreational opportunities. Your visit to BLM-managed public lands in Alaska will offer you a once in a lifetime experience. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains, exploring the treeless tundra, or fishing in a freshwater stream, you’ll experience the open landscapes of BLM-managed public lands. Unless otherwise posted, all public lands are available for recreation use. However, please remember that BLM manages public lands for other uses, such as energy and mineral development, wildlife habitat, and conserving natural, cultural, and historic resources. This publication will give you a general idea of where recreation opportunities exist on public lands in Alaska. Please note the location of the BLM offices throughout the state. BLM staff are happy to assist you while you are enjoying Alaska’s public lands. espect the environment and the rights of others. ducate yourself, plan and prepare before you go. llow for future use of the outdoors by leaving it better than you found it. iscover the rewards of responsible recreation. Leave No Trace We encourage visitors to adhere to the seven Leave No Trace principles on all BLM-managed public lands. • Plan Ahead and Prepare • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces • Dispose of Waste Properly • Leave What You Find • Minimize Campfire Impacts • Respect Wildlife • Be Considerate of Other Visitors Trail Etiquette Map Campground Name # of Sites # Season of Use Vault Toilet Water Fee 13 Arctic Circle 22 June - Sept. Y N Y* 32 Brushkana Creek 21 June - Sept. Y Y Y 25 Cripple Creek 21 June - Sept. Y Y Y 47 Eagle 16 June - Sept. Y N Y 16 Five Mile 8 June - Sept. Y Y Y** 4 Galbraith Lake 18 June - Sept. Y N Y** 8 Marion Creek 27 June - Sept. Y Y Y 24 Mount Prindle 13 June - Sept. Y Y Y 22 Ophir Creek 19 June - Sept. Y Y Y 38 Paxson 50 June - Sept. Y Y Y 52 Salmon Lake 6 June - Sept. Y N N 39 Sourdough Creek 42 June - Sept. Y Y Y 36 Tangle Lakes 27 June - Sept. Y Y Y 45 Walker Fork 20 June - Sept. Y Y Y 42 West Fork 25 June - Sept. Y N Y Y = service available N = service not available * Beginning summer 2022 Windy Arch, near Windy Gap in the White Mountains National Recreation Area. Safety Public Access BLM Alaska’s lands are vast and rugged. Remember to plan your trip accordingly by ensuring you have first aid supplies, emergency vehicle supplies, and adequate provisions before heading out. When planning a backcountry trip, always file a trip plan with a friend or family member and let them know when you plan to return. BLM Alaska managed public lands are intermingled with private, state, Tribal, and a variety of other jurisdictions. A visitor may legally access public lands via: • A public trail, road, or highway; • A navigable water; • From adjacent public or state lands that are from landowner; or via a valid 17b public easement. Information on 17b easements and maps can be found at alaska/17b-easements; Trail Etiquette invasive species. • Slow down for curves and hills, when visibility is limited and when other users are present. • Keep noise and dust down. • Keep pets under control. Some trails require dogs to be leashed. Whether travelling far off the beaten path or along the road, thorough preparation is imperative for a successful trip. Alaska is bear country. Store your food and other scent attractants in an enclosed vehicle or bearproof food storage container, and never store your food in an occupied tent. When travelling in bear country, remember to make noise, travel in groups, carry bear spray, and keep your dog on a leash. • Be familiar with local rules. • Leave gates in the condition you found them. Rights of Way BLM visitors are responsible for knowing their location and applicable regulations. Appropriate public land users remain on legal routes, obey all signs, respect private property, and avoid resource damage. The best way to ensure a successful outing is to check with the nearest BLM office for up-to-date access information in your area. Your local BLM office can also supply you with recreation permits and information on specific recreation opportunities, such as camping, fishing, wildlife watching, hiking, off-highway vehicle travel and snowmobiling. For more information, go to Also, be sure to check the State Department of Transportation (DOT) Highway Safety page before travelling. • Yield the right of way to those passing you from behind or traveling uphill. • Motorized vehicles yield to mountain bikes, runners, hikers and horses. • Mountain bikes yield to runners, hikers and horses. • Runners and hikers yield to horses. Campers install an electric bear fence around a remote camp. Hiking the Pinnell Mountain National Recreation Trail. National Conservation Lands Contact Us The BLM’s National Conservation Lands encompass some of the nation’s most spectacular historic and wild landscapes. Nationwide, National Conservation Lands units include National Monuments, National Conservation Areas, Wild & Scenic Rivers, Wilderness Areas, Wilderness Study Areas, and National Scenic and Historic Trails. In Alaska, the BLM manages more than two million acres of National Conservation Lands, including the Iditarod National Historic Trail, six Wild and Scenic Rivers, one Wilderness Study Area, and the Steese National Conservation Area. These resources offer exceptional opportunities for solitude, exploration, research, recreation, and education. Alaska State Office 222 W. 7th Ave., #13 Anchorage, AK 99513 907-271-5960 Iditarod National Historic Trail The Iditarod National Historic Trail (INHT) commemorates a 2,400-mile system of winter routes that first connected ancient Native villages and later opened Alaska to the last great American gold rush. Today, the spirit of the Iditarod lives on when Tripod marking the INHT at Old racers put their minds, Woman public shelter cabin. muscles, machines, or animals to work in epic long-distance winter racing linking Alaska communities large and small, including the 1,000-mile Iditarod Sled Dog Race from Anchorage to Nome. BLM manages about 150 miles of trail and four public shelter cabins. Find out more at Wild and Scenic Rivers Wild and Scenic Rivers (WSR) are designated into the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System to preserve their free-flowing condition and to protect and enhance their "outstandingly remarkable values" including scenic, recreational, cultural, geologic, historic, fish and wildlife. X OHV Numerous opportunities for off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation exist on BLM-managed public lands. Miles of routes await OHV enthusiasts for both summer and winter seasons. Please obey all signs regarding the management of public lands and routes. All OHVs and snowmobiles must comply with State of Alaska Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) regulations, permitting and restrictions. Learn more at DMV's Snowmobiles and All Terrain Vehicles registration page ( For detailed OHV trails information and recreational opportunities, visit the BLM’s Top Motorized Opportunity StoryMap. OHV on the Quartz Creek Trail in the White Mountains National Recreation Area. Electric Bicycles (E-bikes) An e-bike is a bicycle with a small electric motor of not more than 750 watts (one horsepower) which assists in the operation of the bicycle and reduces the physical exertion demands on the rider. E-bikes may have two or three wheels and must have fully operable pedals. BLM-managed public lands offer many opportunities for riding e-bikes, including any area or trail where OHVs are currently allowed. E-bikes are not allowed on nonmotorized trails, unless expressly authorized for use by the local office. To stay up-to-date with the latest e-bike information as it becomes available on BLM-managed public lands, contact your local BLM office, or search recreation/e-bikes. BLM Alaska manages six WSRs, including Beaver Creek, Birch Creek, Delta, Fortymile, Gulkana, and Unalakleet, totaling 952 miles. Wild and Scenic Rivers offer visitors outstanding opportunities for adventure and scenery. Anchorage Field Office 4700 BLM Road Anchorage, AK 99507 907-267-1246 Nome Field Station P.O. Box 952 Nome, AK 99762 907-443-2177 Rafting Birch Creek WSR. Steese National Conservation Area The Steese National Conservation Area—located 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks, is divided into northern and southern units by the Steese Highway. This 1.2-million-acre area is home to caribou, Dall sheep, bears, wolves, wolverine, other furbearers, and raptors. The 27-mile Pinnell Mountain National Recreation Trail provides excellent vistas of the alpine tundra and ridge-tops. In summer, the Birch Creek Wild and Scenic River is a primary recreational attraction winding through the vast expanse of the Yukon Flats in Central Alaska. Glennallen Field Office P.O. Box 147 Mile Post 186.5 Glenn Highway Glennallen, AK 99588 907-822-3217 Fairbanks District Office 222 University Avenue Fairbanks, Alaska 99709 907-474-2200 Barrow Field Station P.O. Box 250 Barrow, AK 99723 907-852-2757 Visit us on Facebook at: Follow us on Twitter at: Explore all of our FREE georeferenced maps at: All photos courtesy of BLM Alaska. Summer hikers on the Summit Trail and winter fat biker on trail near Caribou Bluff in the White Mountains. • In an aircraft. • Ensure clothing, equipment and fodder is free of Summer visitors to the White Mountains fish, hike, ride, and camp under Alaska's midnight sun. Nome Creek Road provides access to two campgrounds, non-motorized and motorized trails, a gold-panning area, and a departure point for float trips on Beaver Creek Wild and Scenic River. In winter, visitors travel by ski, fat bike, snowshoe, dog team and snowmobile to enjoy the 12 public-use cabins available for reservation on, and 250 miles of groomed trails that make the White Mountains one of Interior Alaska's premier winter destinations. ** Beginning summer 2023 Gulkana River. • Across adjacent private land with permission restrictions. Located just an hour's drive from Fairbanks, the one-million-acre White Mountains National Recreation Area offers stunning scenery, peaceful solitude, and outstanding opportunities for yearround recreation. Unless otherwise posted, most BLM Alaska managed public lands provide excellent opportunities for dispersed camping. However, make sure to follow these guidelines. In general, a 14-day occupancy limit within a 28-day period applies across the state for any eligible camping location on BLM-managed lands. The 14-day limit may be reached either through several separate visits or through 14 days of continuous occupation during the 28-day period. After 14 days of occupation, campers must move outside of a 2-mile or greater radius of the previous location. In addition, no person shall leave personal property unattended on public lands for a period of more than 72 hours. Unattended personal property will be counted toward the 14-day camp limit. Check with your local BLM office for special guidelines in your area and learn more at Dispersed camping along the legally accessible; • Respect all trail designations and travel White Mountains National Recreation Area Dispersed Camping Each year millions of people visit America’s wild lands. Skilled users help maintain the primitive backcountry experience for all. Remember, Leave No Trace depends more on attitude than it does on rules. Developed Campgrounds Caribou in the Steese National Conservation Area. X Boating and Fishing X Hunting Canoers paddling Tangle Lakes. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game administers hunting permits, licenses, and game management areas in the State of Alaska. The BLM, in partnership with the State of Alaska, is committed to facilitating access to public lands for hunting, fishing and other forms of recreation. Please make sure to check the land status prior to your hunt and take necessary maps or mobile device mapping apps on any trip off the beaten track. You can find maps which cover game management areas and land status at www.adfg. BLM-managed public lands provide access to boating and fishing on a variety of lakes, streams and rivers. Do your part to prevent the spread of invasive species. Remove all visible mud, plants, fish and other organisms from your equipment. Eliminate all water from equipment before you depart an area and avoid transferring wet equipment from stream to stream. Remember that Alaska’s waters can be remote and frigid. File a trip plan with friends or family prior to beginning a float trip and ensure personal flotation devices and emergency supplies are available at all times. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game ( regulates fishing licenses, boating permits and registration. You can find information on these topics, as well as places to fish and boat, fish stocking reports, and additional maps on their Sports Fishing page. Caribou hunting on the Quartz Creek Trail in the White Mountains National Recreation Area. When you’re planning your hunting excursion, remember that it’s not always possible to retrieve downed game with a vehicle. Come prepared by bringing a nonmotorized game cart, pack frame, capable friend or pack animal to help. Avoid hunting close to private property lines, as animals may cross onto them before they can be recovered. More important than taking home a game animal is making sure you and your companions get home safely at the end of the day. Make sure to: • Tell a friend or family member where you are going and when you expect to be back. • Be prepared for Alaska’s changing weather while out in the field. • Exercise the utmost caution with knives while Fishing along the Gulkana River. processing your animals and supervise young hunters while they are processing their animals. • Treat every firearm as if it’s loaded. Learn More BLM's mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. BLM-managed public lands are resources for people of all ages to engage in learning about the interconnections among people, cultural heritage, and the natural world. Engaging people through education, recreation, and stewardship of these public lands helps them connect to these resources. BLM/AK/GI-90/028+8300+930 Rev 2022 U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management Recreation in Alaska X Watchable Wildlife Learn where, when and how to look for Alaska’s abundant and iconic species. This field guide directs you to some of the best wildlife viewing locations on BLM-managed public lands. Use it to plan your journey, and learn about Alaska’s diverse habitats and wildlife. Grab a copy of the BLM Alaska Watchable Wildlife Guide at one our offices or download it from our website. X Campbell Creek Science Center The BLM Campbell Creek Science Center (CCSC) supports statewide outreach for environmental education, interpretation, and youth engagement for BLM Alaska. CCSC provides environmental education programs and resources for children and adults, including distance learning, field trips and on-location events, and professional development training in interpretation, engagement, place-based service learning, and natural resources guiding skills. For more information, go to Cover photo: Canoers float the Fortymile Wild and Scenic River. Map & Guide BLM Alaska Nuiqsut Prudhoe Bay Recreation Map Beaufort Sea uk Riv er ver Sag a vanirktok Ri ar p Ku Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Brevig Mission Koyuk Rive r 1 Teller 2 Nome Id it a r o Nome Area onal Historic Trail ati N d N Nome area Canada Anchorage Iditarod National Historic Trail n Highway R o ad Kougaro k NCA = National Conservation Area NRA = National Recreation Area Juneau 0 250 500 750 National Park Service U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 1,000 NWR = National Wildlife Refuge lt o Alaska White Mountain Maritime NWR BLM-managed public lands BLM-managed public lands with special designations Fairbanks 3 iver kR illi Itk 53 Legend Recreation map Russia Da Elim Golovin U.S. Forest Service Non-federal ownership BLM Office Communities Highways DOT roads Iditarod National Historic Trail (INHT) Rivers Arctic NWR 4 Anaktuvuk Pass 5 6 Ko bu k River Wiseman r ve Ri Ko Venetie 11 Jim 12 Kanuti Ri ver 13 Kanuti NWR FishCreek Yukon Flats NWR 14 Yukon Ri ver Fort Yukon Beaver Birch Creek Stevens Village 16 17 Koyukuk NWR Circle Rampart Be av er 18 Livengood r ive R n 19 Tanana tt Hig Ellio eek Cr 1 White Mountains NRA y h wa 21 20 26 27 25 wa High e s e e St ek Bir c h Cre y L 2 Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve Steese NCA nika River Chata Manley Hot Springs 29 Central 28 24 22 23 Minto Steese NCA Canada To lov ana Ri ver iver tna R lozi e M Yu ko j i k River Chalkyitsik 15 Hughes Draan lack R iver Bo Allakaket na zana River Hod r ve Ri e in up c r Po eB Ho ga Alatna Koy uku kR ive r a Cr. nz tza Riv er Ri v er itt l Evansville i ver 10 r Fo th Sheenj ek R Bettles Mi k ork Koyuku le F d d Sou er Ri v CG = Campground # Wild and Scenic River (WSR) ADA Accessible Auto Touring Boat Ramp Camping Cross-Country Skiing Environmental Education Fishing Hiking Historic Site Horseback Riding Hunting Interpretive Exhibit Panel Interpretive Trail Motorized Boating Mountain Biking Non-Motorized Boating OHV Riding Picnicking Public Restroom Public Shelter Cabin RV Dump Station Scenic Overlook Snowmobiling Visitor Center Wildlife Viewing yu 8 Coldfoot 9 k BLM Recreation Site # Ea st 7 kuk er Riv Ala tn aR ive r Recreation Symbols Fo r k Chandalar R i Noa tak ver Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve Chena Hot Springs Eagle ve i aR h lc Sa North Fo Fo chinson ut Mo sq Fo rk i Delta R eo o rk th F Sou Ri ve Ta . le R ng West Fork Ri v e okwim usk Su s 37 ni r. 41 rk niso Den n 40 Al as ka Tetlin dd MiGule Fo lka rk na R. r a itn 36 Tok Northway Mentasta Lake 38 Gul kan 5 aR iver Petersville Hi gh wa y Northway Junction Paxson Gl en 35 4 Gulkan a R. or Pa rks Hig hw ay a li Highway rge D en We s wi 34 G K y wa 33 ver 42 ay 32 n De Tanacross ghw 31 48 Fo ork tF Dot Lake n Hi so Denali National Park & Preserve Alaska H igh Dry Creek R icha r d ighway nH Tetlin NWR Slana Chistochina 39 r Chase 50 Talkeetna Idi Trapper Creek ro ta d Na Gulkana Lake Louise tio n l a l Historic Tra i Nelchina Chickaloon Willow Creek ge Kenny Lake r to nH w y. 52 Susitna Klutina Lake Palmer 51 w ar Hope Kenai NWR McCarthy Chitina Chugach National Forest Se Tonsina hw ay S t o ny River Wasilla Anchorage E d Willow Lake Clark National Park & Preserve Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve Copper Center Tazlina Lake Glenn Highway Chisana Glennallen Mendeltna Skwentna Gakona Valdez on ds r a ch Ri Hi Chugach National Forest d Hig hwa y Tatitlek Sunrise g iver rR Coppe th ko k 30 Cantwell 46 44 45 Chicken 43 so ork n Fort Greely s Ku k r Fo ork oF uit Tay lor H ig rge Geo Healy pio n C Cr. Healy Lake Denali Park N 49 or k Delta Junction ve r r Mi dd le F Big Delta i na R Lake Minchumina mR ive Richa rdson High wa y Nen a ay ighw H s Park Kan tish Anderson Cha m H na R ive r r er ile Riv m y rt 3 South F e Riv na na rk Ta Nenana 47 r Fairbanks h w ay Nowitna NWR 0 6 12 24 36 48 60 BLM Alaska Recreation Sites and Opportunities 1 Last Chance ...................................... 2 Sag River Overlook .................................. 3 Happy Valley ............................................................... 4 Galbraith Lake Campground 13 Arctic Circle Campground ......... Arctic Circle Wayside ........... 14 Finger Mountain Trailhead ............... 15 86 Mile Overlook ...................................... 5 Atigun Pass ............................................. 16 Five Mile Campground .......... 6 Farthest North Spruce ....................... 17 Yukon River Contact Station ...... 7 Sukakpak Mountain Wayside ........................ 8 Marion Creek Campground ............. 9 Arctic Interagency Visitor Center ..... 10 Chapman Lake Wildlife Viewing ................... 11 Grayling Lake ..... 12 Gobblers Knob ............... 18 Hess Creek Overlook ..................................... 19 Colorado Creek Trailhead ........... 20 Wickersham Dome Trailhead Summit Trailhead ............ 24 25 26 Mount Prindle Campground 34 Alaska Range Viewpoint ........................................... Quartz Creek Trailhead ........ 35 Denali Highway Mile 50 Pools of Life .......... Cripple Creek CG 36 Tangle Lakes CG ..... 48 Davis Dome Wayside .............................. 37 Wrangell Mountain Viewpoint ............... 49 Bear Creek Public Shelter Cabin ...... U.S. Creek Wayside ........................... Twelvemile Summit Wayside Pinnell Mountain Trail ................................... 27 Upper Birch Creek Wayside .. 28 Eagle Summit Wayside Pinnell Mountain Trail ................................... 29 Lower Birch Creek Wayside ........ 30 Coal Mine Road/Jarvis Creek Trailhead ...... Denali Hwy Mile 13 Interp Site & 47 Fort Egbert Historic Site ...... Eagle Campground .................... 38 Paxson Lake CG ...... 50 Rohn Public Shelter Cabin ............... 39 Sourdough Creek CG .... 51 40 Tok Visitor Center ...................... 41 Mount Fairplay Wayside ..... 42 West Fork CG ... 43 Mosquito Fork Bridge Wayside 44 South Fork Bridge Wayside ............. 21 McKay Creek Trailhead ............... 31 Denali Highway Orientation Sign ........................ 22 Ophir Creek Campground ....................... 32 Brushkana Creek CG ............. 23 Table Top Mountain Trailhead 45 33 Alaska Range Interpretive Sign & Denali Hwy Mile 94 Land in Motion .................... 46 Fortymile Bridge Wayside .. Wade Creek Wayside .................................... Walker Fork CG Campbell Creek Science Center ...... Campbell Tract Special Recreation Management Area 52 Liberty Falls Trailhead ........................................ 53 Salmon Lake Campground ........................... 1 Beaver Creek Wild and Scenic River 2 Birch Creek Wild and Scenic River 3 Fortymile Wild and Scenic River 4 Delta Wild and Scenic River 5 Gulkana Wild and Scenic River

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